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Melvin OÜ was founded in 2003. Our company provides product development services to garment manufacturers. The technical design of clothing is the most important intermediate stage between design and final production.

In our work, we use Lectra software that meets the requirements of modern clothing production and ensures the development of a precise model and the high quality of patterns. The Modaris patterncutting program is a necessary tool for designing and grading, and the Diamino layplan program can be used to make fast and efficient layout solutions for different fabrics and types of layering for cutting. We use a digitising table for entering the patterns and the plotter Alys60 to print patterns as well as layplans.

We have close to 30 years of professional experience in the industry. We work with various international partners from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Hungary, China, etc. We have experience in different production stages and product groups such as work and uniform clothing; men's, women's and children's clothing, etc.


What we do

Lõigete konstrueerimine

Digital patterncutting



Creating digital patterns from photos, designs, drawings, measurements or from an existing product.


Digitising blocks or patterns and entering them in to the CAD/CAM system and creating an index of details by material.

Pattern grading & size ranges


Grading patterns to the desired sizes based on the existing measurement chart or standard measurements. Unconeventional sizes are also possible.

Measurement charts


Creating measurement charts of pattern dimensions, construction measurements and trim lengths (zips, elastics, reflectors, etc.).

​Placing patterns on a given width. Creating optimised layouts and calculating fabric efficiency. Additionally, layplans according to patterned reports.

Creating layplans



Plotting patterns and drawings. Additionally, A4 mock-ups of layplans, patterns or models in .pdf.

Plotting & printing

Import and export of patterns in Gerber software. Available conversions in .DXF+.RUL, .IBA+.VET, .hpgl. formats. We also co-work with Gerber, Investronica and Optitex softwares.

Pattern converting


We use courier service to deliver printouts, producs or samples to your door, digital files will be sent by email.

Delivery and shipping


Melvin OÜ


Kadaka tee 86A - 204, 12618 Tallinn

Phone: +372 5224109

             +372 5107673

Contact us

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